Workplace Trends

February 27, 2020

The modern workplace is constantly changing and keeping on top of the trends is just part of staying savvy in redefining your workplace ethos. The work environment is in constant siege by economic changes, technological developments, automation and globalization and to keep up, we must rise to the occasion.

Focus on Soft Skills
Hard skills have been “where it’s at,” if you will, but times are changing and soft skills are taking center stage. Soft skills encompass things like analytical skills, written and verbal communication and leadership, and while they are more difficult to quantify, they are major players in employee productivity.

Social Purpose
While many think this is just a “millennial thing,” it’s actually enjoying large scale popularity among many ages. With the job landscape becoming increasingly turbulent and staying at one job for a lifetime becoming a thing of the past, employers are looking to make themselves more attractive to employees and this is it—social purpose. Companies are partnering with like-minded organizations for philanthropic purposes and to drive home the idea of doing good, thus creating social purpose.

Employee Wellbeing
Along the same lines as social purpose is employee wellbeing—the effort to enhance employee physical and mental health. Today, you almost expect to find healthy food and gyms in most offices and these days, you’ll see more onsite medical and dental facilities and childcare centers too. In addition, natural light is also making an appearance in the 2020 trend list as well.