Waymond and Kim Wesley - Negreb & Associates

October 8, 2020

Why did you chose the Work Well?

The location initially, then we took the tour and loved the beautiful design, space and decor. The excellent customer service sealed it! Plus we have an array of meeting spaces to choose - from the main boardrooms for group meeting to the huddle rooms for one on one. Or if you want, just slip into a booth by the coffee bar.

Best Business Advice You Have Received?

"Planning is Vital to Success"

Summary of your business and who an ideal client/prospect might be.

Our typical client is someone between 50-85 years, seeking insurance to cover all funeral expenses. Also, clients who want to protect their life insurance to ensure their inheritance and survivors benefits. Our secondary clients are licensed independent agents who want to diversify and market their representation and financial plans and policies. We hire agents to help cover clients.