Our ongoing response to COVID-19 – caring for our member community and team

June 18, 2020

Since our initial statements regarding the coronavirus, the global COVID-19 outbreak has continued to evolve and seemingly changes each day. The Work Well’s top priority remains the same - to support our member community and team members through these unprecedented circumstances. Our mission has always been to create a productive work environment and community where members can focus on their business while we focus on providing their office needs. Accordingly, we’ve taken additional steps to ensure that our people are safe and productive when they are onsite, and that our community remains reliable, resilient and available during this time.

To assist members and guests in the best ways to utilize The Work Well, here are some answers to common questions regarding our space:

  1. Q: Is the Work Well open? Who can use the space?
    A: Members have always had uninterrupted access to their space. Since May 4th, our front desk has been fully staffed from 8a – 5p Monday through Friday. This allows us to offer space use (during business hours) to non-members in our coworking area and meeting rooms. Our staff is available to answer any questions about potential bookings or reservations. Please call 281-955-9355 for more info.

  2. Q: What precautions are being taken to make The Work Well a safe environment?
    A: We are following local, state and federal guidelines provided by medical and government experts for best social distancing practices. This includes signage throughout the space regarding keeping a safe 6’ distance, capacity limits in our coworking area and meeting rooms, masks for members/guests/visitors, touchless elevator access, hand sanitizer stations in the lobby and at the coffee bar, antibacterial soap at every sink, disinfecting wipes in each phone booth, conference room, kitchen, and front desk for members/guests to use. We also have frequent wipe downs of common touch points throughout the day and nightly deep cleanings.

  3. Q: There are so many rules/restrictions concerning wearing a mask or face covering in public? What is The Work Well’s policy concerning masks?
    To be compliance with current county regulations, we are REQUIRING members and guests to wear facemasks/face coverings while in our common areas. Members can remove mask when using their office or in a closed meeting room if they choose. The Work Well has N95 masks available at the front desk for member/guest/visitor use. Our mask policy will continue to evolve as local, state and federal guidelines change.
  4. Q: I love the amenities offered (like the coffee bar). How are they being effected by COVID?
    A: Both members and guests love our amenities, including the coffee bar, flexible meeting room space and podcast booth. The podcast booth and any one of our 4 conference rooms are available for use. We have reduced the capacity in these rooms to abide by social distancing guidelines. We also wipe these rooms down with antibacterial wipes and Lysol every morning and in between each use. Members love our craft coffee/tea bar so we were excited to announce we were opening this back up June 1st. To reduce the number of common touches for our Katz Coffee dispensers, we have placed them at the front desk so that our team can serve as your “personal barista”. We will prepare a hot cup of coffee just the way you like it to get you going in the morning or provide a needed break during your day.
  5. Q: Events are an important part of the membership experience at The Work Well. Will there be any on-site events? What kind of events might occur during the upcoming months?
    A: While our on-site events have been suspended/postponed for now, we’ve kept our members engaged with virtual activities via our SLACK Channel, including weekly trivia contests and monthly happy hours. We recently hosted our first virtual Lunch and Learn and have multiple webinar events scheduled in the coming weeks for our members and their guests based on topics they want to hear about. Overall our programming calendar is starting to fill up with the same kind of business related seminars and fun theme events that members have come to love.

In addition to the information above, we also are doing the following:  

Our team members - We’re dedicated to protecting the health of our team so that we can continue to provide the best service to our community.

  • Front desk coverage – our front desk will be manned Monday through Friday from 8a – 5p to assist with any member needs.
  • Front desk team members will wear protective masks/face coverings.

Our community:

  • For members still working from home, we have virtual resources to help stay connected. Our community Slack channel is a great way to receive announcements, post articles, and stay engaged with fellow members.
  • We also want to respect our members who want to continue to social distance at home and have offered any member mail notification service and mail forwarding service for free.
  • Our private Slack channel/member only Facebook page to stay connected, ask questions, collaborate with other members/staff. And to take advantage of all our online events - weekly trivia contests, special contests, birthday celebrations, etc.
  • Weekly emails regarding public events, member news, and The Work Well updates to keep everyone in the loop.

    To view our detailed Policy and Procedure document we revised due to COVID-19 click here.