The Marketing Genius of Podcasts

February 10, 2020

According to Forbes, radio advertising is expected to remain relatively flat through 2021, but podcast advertising spending is expected to double during the same period. What gives, you might ask? Look around. Most everyone you see these days has their face in a smartphone and 25 percent of those people are listening to podcasts. While they aren’t new, they are growing in popularity and specifically in their effective marketing rank.

In addition to providing SEO benefits, podcasts are the way to go in hyper focused marketing to millions. The most successful of those have their own show, thus owning all of the media, however, you can also advertise on other shows geared to specific demographics.

The most important key to podcast advertising is letting people know you’re out there. Cross marketing is key in maximizing your reach and could include e mail, social media, YouTube or any other efforts to hit your target.

The pros also recommend making sure that every show is transcribed and edited so that it can be used in other content such as newsletters or blog posts. In addition, consider having guests and experts who will also share your podcast with their audiences.

If you’re looking to start your own podcast, The Work Well offers a podcast studio as one of its newest amenities. The studio is available for members and non-members. To reserve the space, contact Miranda Stewart today – 281-995-9355!