The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Hastings, P. C.

May 29, 2020

Why you chose the Work Well?

I chose the Work Well because it is close to home, has a very professional look and meets my needs.  I wanted a office setting with conference rooms I could meet with clients and where I could keep all my files and books.  The Work Well lets me have a small private office to keep my all stuff and do my work with the ability to meet with clients in the conference rooms at a reasonable price.  It is also 6.6 miles from the house.  After working downtown for 25 years, being this close to home is a true blessing.

Favorite Features of your office or other spaces/features of The Work Well

It has been great working with other professionals located in the Work Well.  I have done a fair amount of business with others at the Work Well and really enjoy the community.  It is really nice to be able to talk to people you work around that are not always lawyers or paralegals (not that there is anything wrong with lawyers and paralegals).

Best Business Advice You’ve Received?

Always take the high road.  I was told this by a senior lawyer when I first started practicing law 30 years ago.  What he meant was always do the right thing, in every situation.  Be honest, even if it hurts.  After trying to do this for decades you find you have a reputation that follows you and opens doors.

Favorite Book?

The Bible is my favorite book.  I read so much for work that I rarely pick up a book to read for pleasure, but I do try to read my Bible daily.  It keeps me grounded.

Summary of your business and who an ideal client/prospect might be

I am lawyer.  I do civil litigation, probate, wills and small estate planning.  I am listed in the Best Lawyers in America for Railroad law, but unless you run a railroad, not many people need help with railroad law.   An ideal client is anyone with a legal need or question: that could mean creating a new will, drafting medical or financial powers of attorney, probating the will of a love one, handling a personal injury claim or breach of contract dispute.   I do not do immigration, family, tax or criminal law, but I often tell people you only need to know one lawyer you trust and then I can recommend another lawyer, when it is something I do not handle.