How to ask your employer if you can work closer to home.

June 2, 2020
Work From a Satellite Office

Making the Satellite Office Permanent

Many of us have been forced to work from home over the last few months, and what first may have seemed difficult has proven to be preferable, but how do you do it long term? Many offices are beginning to open and while some people are excited to get out of the house, a large part of the workforce is dreading going back to their long commute.  Many are wanting the flexibility of working remotely close to home. While asking for a satellite office may seem like a huge leap, our work climate these days has made the ask much simpler.

Devise a Plan

You’ll need to convince your boss that you have a plan. Be sure to communicate why this is preferable, and don’t only include your needs. Will it save the company money? Will it increase efficiency, and if so why? How will you be accountable? You’ll need to think through those items and make sure you can justify your reasoning.

Suggest a trial period

Tell your boss that you’d like to try this for a specific amount of time and then meet to discuss whether the arrangement is working for all parties involved. Agree to be flexible and fix what may not be working, and that includes potentially going back to corporate for a day or so a week.


Make a list of potential benefits. Explain that less commuting equals more family time, or more time to spend on hobbies which will increase your satisfaction and productivity. Be reasonable and logical about how this arrangement could benefit all involved, and then sit back and enjoy the flexibility of your new space close to home.


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