Emotional Well-being in an Unprecedented Time

April 14, 2020

Many of us have been in quarantine more than six weeks now, and we’re wondering when it will all end. We have been affixed to reports from White House task forces, epidemiologists and CDC guidelines that are ever-changing. We are eating well, taking supplements, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep, washing the skin off our hands and now wearing masks, but what are we doing for our mental and emotional well-being?

While staying on top of current events is important, obsession about these things only creates fear, depression and anxiety, which is paralyzing in our attempts to stay healthy and productive. The American Psychological Association recently reported on establishing a new life rhythm during this crisis. The importance of connection was the primary factor, but not the connection you might be thinking. While maintaining connection with friends, family and colleagues is important, the connection with nature was found to be a balm for our brains. Research is on-going, but there is a definite link between interacting with nature and cognitive benefits such as stress reduction and mental acuity. Not only are there cognitive benefits, there are emotional and existential benefits as well.

In this time of uncertainty, turn off the television and go outside. Spend some time in nature and let your mind wonder. Breathe in the positive effects of nature and boost your mental and emotional well-being in measurable ways.