Coworking in the Burbs

March 17, 2020
Suburban Area

According to Shared Space, 90 percent of co-working space is located in the densely populated cities. The million-dollar question is: Can it also work in the burbs? Shared Space reports that most of the suburban development happening today, has a mixed-use component, and it’s working. Suburban co-working has seen marked growth in the last three years due to economic growth in the mid-sized markets. Most workers who were commuting to the city are now looking for a place to work in the burbs and they are loving the flexibility to go home for lunch or be close to children.

The interesting addition to this notion is that while millennials love living in the city, they are moving to the suburbs in overwhelming numbers when they have children. Many in this demographic have never worked in any other environment but a co-working environment and will be looking for it once settled in a quaint cul-de-sac.

The 2019 Global Co-working Survey estimates that nearly 2.2 million people were working in more than 22,000 co-working spaces worldwide by the end of 2019. While co-working is still most prevalent in the city, the match is lit, and the fire is spreading rapidly to a suburb near you.  

If you're looking for a collaborative coworking environment in the burbs, look no further than The Work Well located in Northwest Houston near Cypress, TX.