Carlos Espinosa - AFLAC

May 13, 2020

Why you chose the Work Well?
Because it is a beautiful space and offered a great environment to have as a home base. We also enjoy the coffee bar and all the amenities offered.  We use the conference rooms weekly and we love access to the space without having to have it full time.

Favorite Features of your office or other spaces/features of The Work Well:
I love
the feeling of having a big office with plenty of professionals all working together. One of the best features by far is the beautiful and professional atmosphere offered. It’s given me the ability to interview better quality recruits.

Best Business Advice You’ve Received?
During this Covid-19 pandemic the best advice I have received was to keep sharpening the axe. We can all get caught up in the news and negative aspects but it is a great time to sharpen your skills, We are always so fast paced that sometimes it is hard to slow down just a bit and learn something new. Now is the perfect time to do this.

Favorite Book?
I read a book a week and sometimes it feels like you run out of things to read. What I can say is that no matter the industry, we can all read something that motivates you and makes you a little better. Two great books that everyone in business should read are Good to Great and The Energy Bus.

Summary of your business and who an ideal client/prospect might be:
Aflac prides itself in helping policyholders in their biggest time of need. We are a Fortune 200 company that has been in business for 65 years. Our ideal client/prospect is a small business owner with 3-99 employees. We can help offer benefits to their employees such as Short term disability , Accident , Cancer , Hospital , Dental , Vision and Life insurance.